gurulaghutā गुरुलघुता

Definition: f. great and little value; -lâghava, n. importance and insig nificance, relative value; -loka, m. powerful men; -vat, ad. like a preceptor (=nm. or lc.); -vâsa, m. sojourn with a preceptor, pupilage; -vritti, f. (proper) behaviour towards one's teacher: -para, a. intent on one's teacher; -susrûshâ, f. obedience towards one's teacher; -susrûshu, a. obedient to one's teacher; -sa khî, f. female friend of an elder relative; -samnidhi, m. presence of the teacher; -sam avâya, m. plurality of teachers; -strî-gam anîya, fp. relating to adultery with a teach er's wife.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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