gupta गुप्त

Definition: गुप्त p. p. [गुप् कर्मणि क्त] 1 Protected, preserved, guarded; गुप्तं ददृशुरात्मानं सर्वाः स्वप्नेषु वामनैः R.1.6. -2 Hidden, concealed, kept secret; Ms.2.16;7.76; 8.374. -3 Secret, private. -4 Invisible, withdrawn from sight. -5 Joined. -प्तः 1 An appellation usually (though not necessarily) added to the name of a Vaiśya; as जन्द्रगुप्तः, समुद्रगुप्तः &c. (Usually शर्मन् or देव is added to the name of a Brāhmaṇa; गुप्त, भूति or दत्त to that of a Vaiśya; and दास to that of a Śūdra; cf. शर्मा देवश्च विप्रस्य वर्मा त्राता च भूभुजः । भूतिर्दत्तश्च वैश्यस्य दासः शूद्रस्य कारयेत्). -2 An epithet of Viṣṇu. -प्तम् ind. Secretly, privately, apart. -प्ता One of the principal female characters in a poetical composition, a lady married to another (परकीया) who conceals her lover's caresses and endearments past, present and future; वृत्तसुरतगोपना, वर्तिष्यमाणसुरतगोपना and वर्तमानसुरतगोपना; see Rasamañjarī 24. -Comp. -कथा a secret or confidential communication, a secret. -गतिः a spy, an emissary. -गृहम् bed-room. -चर a. going secretly. (-रः) 1 an epithet of Balarāma. -2 a spy, an emissary. -दानम् a secret gift or present. -धनम् money kept secret. -वेशः a disguise. -स्नेहा Name of the plant Alangium Hexapetalum (Mar. पिस्ता ?).

Dictionary: Apte
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