ajña अज्ञ

Definition: अज्ञ a. [न जानाति, ज्ञा-क. न. त.] 1 Not knowing, unaware of, unconscious, devoid of knowledge or experience; अज्ञो भवति वै बालः Ms.2.153; ज्ञाज्ञौ (ज्ञः ईश्वरः अज्ञः जीवः) the knowing and unknowing, supreme and individual soul. -2 Ignorant, unwise, foolish, silly, stupid (said of men as well as animals); अज्ञः सुखमाराध्यः Bh.1.3, Pt.2.3. -3 Inanimate; not endowed with the power of understanding (अचेतन.)

Dictionary: Apte
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