gras ग्रस्

Definition: cl.1 P. A1. gr/asati-, te- (perf. Potential A1. jagrasīta- ; parasmE-pada A1.and Passive voice jagrasān/a- ), to seize with the mouth, take into the mouth, swallow, devour, eat, consume etc. ; to swallow up, cause to disappear ; to eclipse etc. ; to swallow or slur over words, pronounce indistinctly () 27 ; to suppress, stop or neglect (a lawsuit) : Causal P. grāsayati-, to cause to swallow or devour ; to consume, swallow ; ([ confer, compare ; Latin gra1-men; German gras; English grass.])

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. v , 41 , 17, RV., RV., TS., MBh. iii , 1597, R. i , 56 , 13-17, MBh. i , 1166, R., Pa1n2S3., RV., Mn. viii , 43, S3Br. xii, Ka1tyS3r., Dha1tup. xxxiii , 76
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