grahaṇaka ग्रहणक

Definition: citing or instructing the inclusion (ग्रहण) of certain other things by the mention of a particular thing; e. g. the rule अणुदित्सवर्णस्य चाप्रत्ययः is a ग्रहणक rule as it advises that the citing of the letters अ, इ, उ, ऋ etc. includes the long and protracted forms of अ, इ, उ etc; cf. also ग्रहणकशास्त्रस्य सावर्ण्यविधिनिषेधाभ्यां प्रागनिष्पत्ते; Sid. Kau. on अकः सवर्णे दीर्धः V1. 1. 101.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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