gotraka गोत्रक

Definition: n. race; family name; -kar tri, m. founder of a family; -kârin, a. found ing a family; -ga, a. born in the same race; of high lineage; m. blood-relation; -nâman, n. family name; -pravara, m.chief of a fa mily, prime ancestor: -dîpa, m., -nirnaya, m., -mañgarî, f. titles of works; -bhâg, a. be longing to the family; -bhíd, a. bursting open the cowshed; destroying families, name-de stroying; m. ep. of Indra (who releases the cows=rain-clouds from the stronghold of Vritra); -riktha, n. du. surname and heri tage: -½amsa-bhâgin, a. assuming the family surname and coming into one's share of the inheritance; -vrata, n. family law;-sthiti, f. id.; mountain-like stability.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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