go गो

Definition: g/aus- (accusative g/ām- instrumental case g/avā- dative case g/ave-, genitive case ablative g/os- locative case g/avi-; dual number g/āvā-[Ved.], g/āvau-; plural Nominal verb g/āvas- accusative g/ās-[rarely g/āvas- ] instrumental case g/obhis- dative case ablative g/obhyas-, genitive case g/avām-[once at the end of a pāda- ] and [in at the end of pāda-s only see ] g/onām- locative case g/oṣu-) m. an ox f. a cow, (plural) cattle, kine, herd of cattle etc. (in compound before vowels[ see ] gav-, gava-,qq. vv.; see also gavām-, gavi-, gāṃ- ss.vv.; gavāṃ vrata-Name of a sāman-; gavāṃ tīrtha-See go t-; g/oṣu-gam-,to set out for a battle [to conquer cows] )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: TBr. iii, TUp., MBh. iv , 1506, R. ii, RV. iv , 1 , 19, RV., Pa1n2. 7-1 , 57, RV., Pa1n2. 6-1 , 122 ff., RV. ii , 25 , 4 ; v , 45 , 9 ; viii , 71 , 5
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