goṣpadam गोष्पदम्

Definition: गोष्पदम् 1 A cow's foot. -2 The mark or impression of a cow's foot in the soil. -3 The quantity of water sufficient to fill such an impression; i. e. a very small puddle; गोष्पदे संप्लुतोदके Mb.1.31.9. ˚प्रम् (णमुल्) in such a manner that a cow's foortprint be filled; ददाल भूर्नभो रक्तं गोष्पदप्रं ववर्ष च Bk.14.2. -4 As much as a cows foot-step will hold. -5 A spot frequented by cows.

Dictionary: Apte
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