gharghara घर्घर

Definition: घर्घर a. 1 Indistinct, purring, gurgling (as a sound); घर्घररवा पारश्मशानं सरित् Māl.5.19; U.4.29; Mk.6.2; Ks.25.66; Rāj. T.2.99. -2 Murmuring, muttering (as clouds). -रः 1 An indistinct or low murmur, a low, murmuring or gurgling sound. -2 Noise in general. -3 A door, gate. -4 Creaking, crackling, rattling &c. -5 The pass of a mountain. -6 A sliding door, curtain. -7 Mirth, laughter. -8 An owl or a duck. -9 A fire of chaff. -1 A particular form of a temple; Hch.2. -11 The river Gogra.

Dictionary: Apte
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