gha घ

Definition: consonant घ्, अ being added at the end for facility of pronunciation; cf.Tai. Pr.I.21; (2) technical term for the tad. affixes तरप् and तमप्, cf. P.I.1.22, causing the shortening of ई at the end of bases before it, under certain conditions, cf. P. VI. 3.43-45, and liable to be changed into तराम् and तमाम् after किम्, verbs ending in ए, and indeclinables; cf. P.V.4.11; (3) tad. affix घ (इय) in the sense of 'a descendant' applied to क्षत्र, and in the sense of 'having that as a deity' applied to अपोनप्तृ अपांनप्तृ and also to महेन्द्र and to the words राष्ट्र etc., e.g. क्षत्रियः, अपोनाप्त्रिय:, अपांनप्त्रियः, महेन्द्रियम्,राष्ट्रियः etc.; cf. P. IV.1.138, IV.2.27, 29, 93; (4) tad. affix घ, applied to अग्र, समुद्र and अभ्र in the sense of 'present there', to सहस्र in the sense of 'possession', to, नक्षत्र without any change of sense, and to यज्ञ and ऋत्विज् in the sense of 'deserving'; cf. P.IV.4.117,118,135, 136,141, V.1.71; (5) krt affix अ when the word to which it has been applied becomes a proper noun i.e.a noun in a specific sense or a technical term; cf. III.3. 118, 119,125.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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