gandharvaḥ गन्धर्वः

Definition: गन्धर्वः 1 A celestial musician, a class of demi-gods regarded as the singers or musicians of gods, and said to give good and agreeable voice to girls; पतङ्गो वाचं मनसा बिभर्ति तां गन्धर्वो$वदद्गर्भे अन्तः Rv.1.177.2; Av.11.5.2; सोमं शौचं ददावासां गन्धर्वश्च शुभां गिरम् Y.1.71. -2 A singer in general; Mb.7.57.4. -3 A horse; Mb.3. -4 The musk-deer. -5 The soul after death and previous to its being born again; तस्यासीद्दुहिता गन्धर्वगृहीता Bṛi. Up.3.3.1. -6 The black cuckoo. -7 The sun. -8 A sage, pious man; Vāj.32.7. -Comp. -तैलम् Castor-oil. -नगरम्, -पुरम् the city of the Gandharvas, an imaginary city in the sky, probably the result of some natural phenomenon, such as mirage; गन्धर्वनगराकारं तथैवान्तर्हितं पुनः Mb.1.126.35. -राजः Chitraratha, the chief of the Gandharvas. -विद्या the science of music. -विवाहः one of the eight forms of marriage described in Ms.3.27 &c.; in this form marriage proceeds entirely from love or the mutual inclination of a youth and maiden without ceremoniesand without consulting relatives; it is, as Kālidāsa observes, कथमप्यबान्धवकृता स्नेहप्रवृत्तिः Ś.4.17. -वेदः one of the four subordinate Vedas or Upavedas, which treats of music; see उपवेद. -हस्तः, -हस्तकः the castoroil plant.

Dictionary: Apte
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