ajiraḥ अजिरः

Definition: अजिरः a. [अज् गतौ किरन् वीभावाभावः Uṇ.1.53.] Quick, swift (शीघ्र) -रः 1 A sort of mouse, hairy mole. -2 A kind of ceremony in pronouncing curses -रम् 1 A court-yard, an enclosed space, arena; उट- जाजिरप्रकीर्ण K.3, आस्थाननिकेतनाजिरम् Ki.1.16; so रण˚ सावित्र इति विख्यातः प्रविवेश रणाजिरम् Rām.7.27.34 गृह˚ &c. -2 The body. -3 Any object of sense. -4 The wind, air. -5 A frog. -रा 1 Name of a river. -2 Name of Durgā. -रः Name of a snake-priest. -Comp. -अधिराज [कर्म˚] Ved. 'a quick emperor', epithet of death. -शोचिस् a. [अजिरं शोचिर्यस्य] glittering, having tremalous or flashing light.

Dictionary: Apte
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