gāyatra गायत्र

Definition: mf(ī-)n. the gāyatrī- (id est ; t/at savit/ur v/areṇyam bh/argo dev/asya dhīmahi dh/iyo y/o naḥ pracod/ayāt- etc.;this is a very sacred verse repeated by every Brahman at his morning and evening devotions;from being addressed to savitṛ- or the Sun as generator, it is also called sāvitrī-; see ;the gāyatrī- verse is personified as a goddess, the wife of brahmā- and mother of the four veda-s ;it is often mentioned in connection with the amṛta-, both together constituting as it were the essence and type of sacred hymns in general ;the gāyatrī- personified is also considered as the mother of the first three classes in their capacity of twice-born ; see ;some other verse [perhaps ] is denoted by gāyatrī- ;with tāntrika-s a number of mystical verses are called gāyatrī-s, and each deity has one in particular)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. iii , 62 , 10, S3Br. xiv, S3a1n3khGr2., MBh., RTL. pp. 19 ; 342 ; 361 ; 403, Hariv. 11666 ff., AV., W., RTL. pp. 200 f., RV. x , 9 , 1, Sus3r. vi , 28 , 7
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