gṛhakapota गृहकपोत

Definition: m. domestic pigeon; -karma-kara, m. domestic; -karma-dâsa, m. domestic slave; -karman, n. household affair; -kâraka, m. carpenter; -kârin, m. kind of wasp; -kârya, n. household affair; -kritya, n. id.; kind of tax; -gupta, (pp.) m. N.; -kkhidra, n. hole or weak point in the house; -ga, a. born in the house; -gana, m. family; -gâta, pp. born in the house; -dâru, n. beam of a house; -dâha, m. con flagration; -dîpti, f. light (=ornament) of the house; -devatâ, f. pl. domestic deities; -dvâra, n. house-door; -nadikâ, f. drain of a house; -nirvâha, m. housekeeping; -pá, m. guardian of the house; (á)-pati, m. master of the house, paterfamilias; ep. of Agni; one who has precedence at a Sattra; village magistrate; -pâta, m. collapse of a house; -pâla, m. guardian of the house; -poshana, n. maintenance of the household; -bali, m.domestic offering: -bhug, m. bird that feeds on the domestic offering (sparrows, crows, and other birds); -bhartri, m. master of the house; -bhogin, m. member of the house hold; -medhá, 1. m. domestic sacrifice; 2. a.performing or taking part in the domestic sacrifices; m. householder, paterfamilias; -medhín, a. id.; m. married Brâhman house holder (second stage in his religious life): -î, f. Brâhman housewife.

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