elukam एलुकम्

Definition: एलुकम् 1 A kind of perfume. -2 A medicinal substance or plant.1. एव a. Ved. 1 Going, moving. -2 Speedy, quick; एवो गन्ता; ये च एवा मरुतः Uṇ.1.15. -वः 1 A course, way; or a courser, a fleet horse; स्वेभिरेवैश्चरतः Rv.1.62.8; (pl.) mode of proceeding, custom, habit; or according to Sāyaṇa a desire or hymn. -Comp. -या a. granting protection; or going in ways or courses. -यावन् a. going with horses or granting desires, going quickly. -m. Name of Viṣṇu.2. एव ind. This particle is most frequently used to strengthen and emphasize the idea expressed by a word :-- (1) Just, quite, exactly; एवमेव quite so, just so; (2) same, very, identical; अर्थोष्मणा विरहितः पुरुषः स एव Bh.2.4 that very man; (3) only, alone, merely, (implying exclusion); सा तथ्यमेवाभिहिता भवेन Ku.3.63 only the truth, nothing but the truth; so नाम्नैव, स एव वीरः he alone (and not others); (4) already; गत एव न ते निवर्तते Ku.4.3; (5) scarcely, the moment, as soon as; chiefly with participles; उपस्थि- तेयं कल्याणी नाम्नि कीर्तित एव यत् R.1.87 as soon as the name was uttered; इति चिन्तयन्नेव while just thinking &c; (6) also, likewise; तथैव so also; (7) like, as (showing similarity); श्रीस्त एव मेस्तु G. M. (= तव इव); and (8) generally to emphasize a statement; भवितव्यमेव तेन U.4 it will (surely) take place. It is also said to imply the senses of (9) detraction; (1) diminution (11) command; (12) restraint; or (13) used merely as an expletive. (This particle is used in the Vedas in the senses of so, just so, like, indeed, truly, really) (14) Again; एवशब्दश्च पुनरित्यस्मिन्नर्थे भविष्यति । यथा क्षीरेण भुक्त्त्वा देवदत्तः क्षीरेणैव भुञ्जीतेति । भुञ्जीतैवेति पुनरिति गम्यते । ŚB. on MS.1.8.36.

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