ekatatpara एकतत्पर

Definition: a. solely intent on; -tamá (or é-), spv. one among many; -tara, a. cpv. one of two (sts.=eka-tama); -tas, ad. =ab. of eka; from or on one side; ekatas-ekatas or anyatas, on the one side--on the other; here--there; (á)-tâ, f. unity, union, identity: -m api-yâ, be united with (in.); -tâna, a. intent on one object only (often --°ree;): -tâ, f. abst. n.; -tâla, a. having but one fan-palm; -tîrthin, a. inhabiting the same hermitage; -to-dant, a. having teeth in one jaw only; -tra=lc. of eka, one; in one place, together; -trimsá, a. thirty-first; -trimsat, f. (é-) thirty-one; -tva, n. unity; union; identity; singular (gr.); -m gam, be united with (in.); -d&asharp;, ad. simultaneously; some times; once upon a time, one day; -duhkha, a. having the same pains; -drisya, fp. alone worthy to be seen; -drishti, f. gaze directed to a single object, unaverted gaze; -devatyã, a. sacred to a single deity; -desa, m. some place; part; identical spot; -dhana, 1. n. one part of the property; 2. m. pitcher with which water is drawn for a certain rite; â, f. pl. (sc. âpas) the water drawn with it;3. a. having as the single, i. e. highest treasure, quite filled with (--°ree;); -dharma, a. homogeneous; -dharmin, a. id.; -dh&asharp;, ad. singly, simply; at once, together; continuously; -naksha trá, n. lunar mansion consisting of a single star, whose name occurs simply (without pûrva or uttara); -narâdhipa, m. emperor.

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