dvaitam द्वैतम्

Definition: द्वैतम् [द्विधा इतं द्वितं तस्य भावः स्वार्थे अण्] 1 Duality. -2 Dualism in philosophy, the assertion of two distinct principles, such as the maintenance of the doctrine that, spirit and matter, Brahman and the Universe, or the Individual and the Supreme Soul, are different from each other; cf. अद्वैत; किं शास्त्रं श्रवणेन यस्य गलति द्वैतान्ध- कारोत्करः Bv.1.86. -3 Name of a forest. -Comp. -अद्वैतमार्गः the path of dualism and non-dualism. -वनम् Name of a forest; भीमं प्रशस्याथ गुणैरनेकैर्हृष्टास्ततो द्वैतवनाय जग्मुः Mb.3. 11.68. Ki.1.1. -वादः the doctrine of dualism; see above. -वादिन् m. a philosopher who maintains the dvaita doctrine.

Dictionary: Apte
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