duḥkha दुःख

Definition: दुःख a. [दुष्टानि खानि यस्मिन्, दुष्टं खनति खन्-ड, दुःख्-अच् वा Tv.] 1 Painful, disagreeable, unpleasant; सिंहानां निनदा दुःखाः श्रोतुं दुःखमतो वनम् Rām. -2 Difficult, uneasy. -खम् 1 Sorrow, grief, unhappiness, distress, pain, agony; सुखं हि दुःखान्यनुभूय शोभते Mk.1.1; यदेवोपनतं दुः- खात्सुखं तद्रसवत्तरम् V.3.21; so दुःखसुख, समदुःखसुख &c. -2 Trouble, difficulty; Ś. Til.12; अर्थानामर्जने दुःखमर्जितानां च रक्षणे । आये दुःखं व्यये दुःखं धिगर्थाः कष्टसंश्रयाः ॥ Pt.1.163. (दुःखम् and दुःखेन are used as adverbs in the sense of 'hardly' 'with difficulty' 'or trouble' Ś.7.13. अव्यक्ता हि गतिर्दुःखं देहवद्भिरवाप्यते Bg.12.5; Ku.4.13; Pt.1.; R.19.49; H.1.158). -Comp. -अतीत a. freed from pain. -अन्तः final emancipation. -आर्त, -अन्वित a. pained, afflicted, distressed. -कर a. painful, troublesome, -गतम् adversity, calamity; Mb.12. -ग्रामः 'the scene of suffering', worldly existence. -छिन्न a. 1 tough, hard. -2 pained, distressed. -च्छेद्य also दुःखो- च्छेद्य a. 1 hard. -2 to be conquered with difficulty. प्रजानुरागाद्धर्माच्च दुःखोच्छेद्यो हि धार्मिकः H.4.24. -जात a. feeling pain. -जीविन् a. living in pain or distress; Ms. 11.9. -त्रयाभिघातः unbearable association of the three sufferings; दुःखत्रयाभिघाताज्जिज्ञासा Sāṅ. K.1. -दुःखम् (instr.) with great difficulty; (धारयन्ती) शय्योत्सङ्गे निहित- मसकृद्दुःखदुःखेन गात्रम् Me.95. -दुःखिन् a. having sorrow upon sorrow; मया रक्षति दुःखदुःखी Bhāg.11.11.19. -दोह्या (a cow) difficult to be milked. -प्राय, बहुल a. full of trouble or grief. -भागिन्, -भाज् a. unhappy. Ms.4.157. भोगः occurrence of trouble or misery. -योगः infliction of pain; Ms. -लव्य a. hard to be pierced or cut; B. R.4.11. -लोकः worldly life, the world as a scene of constant suffering. -शील a. 1 hard to please or manage, bad tempered, irritable; उपेत्य सा दोहददुःख- शीलताम् R.3.6; Ś.4. -2 accustomed to the misery of; कामेकपत्नीव्रतदुःखशीलाम् Ku.3.7; 'who is accustomed to (suffer) the misery (hard lot) of a perfectly chaste life. -संचार a. 1 passing (time) unhappily. -2 impassable -सागरः 'the sea of troubles'; worldly life.

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