druta द्रुत

Definition: द्रुत p. p. [द्रु-क्त] 1 Quick, swift, speedy. -2 Flown, run away, escaped. -3 Melted, liquid, dissolved; जाता- नुरागो द्रुतचित्त उच्चैः Bhāg.11.2.4. -4 Scattered, diffused. -5 Indistinct. -6 Moved, softened; द्रुतं करुणया Māl.5.28; see द्रु. -तः 1 A scorpion. -2 A tree. -3 A cat. -तम् 1 the act of running; अलं द्रुतेन वः शूरा इति द्रोणो$भ्यभाषत Mb.7.16.18. -2 A particular faulty pronunciation of vowels. -तम् ind. Quickly, swiftly, speedily, immediately. -Comp. -गति a. going quickly, hastening. -पद a. 1 going quickly. -2 a form of metre. -मध्या ibid. -विलम्बितम् Name of a metre; see App. I.

Dictionary: Apte
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