drupadaḥ द्रुपदः

Definition: द्रुपदः Name of a king of the Pāñchālas [He was a son of Prisata. He and Drona were school-fellows, as they learnt the science of archery from Droṇa's father, Bharadvāja. After Drupada had succeeded to the throne, Droṇa, when in pecuniary difficulties, went to him on the strength of his former friendship; but the proud monarch disrespected and slighted him. For this Droṇa afterwards got him captured by his pupils the Pāṇḍavas, but was kind enough to spare his life, andallowed him to retain half his kingdom. But the defeat sustained by him at Droṇa's hands rankled in his soul, and with the desire of getting a son who would avenge the wrong done to him, he performed a sacrifice, when a son named Dhṛiṣtadyumna (and a daughter called Draupudī) sprang up from the fire. This son afterwards treacherously cut off the head of Droṇa. See Droṇa also.]

Dictionary: Apte
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