dru द्रु

Definition: द्रु m., n. [द्रवत्यूर्ध्वं द्रु-बा˚ -डु] 1 Wood. -2 Any instrument made of wood. -m 1 A tree; Ms.7.131. -2 A branch. -f. Motion. -Comp. -किलिमम् the Devadāru tree. -घणः 1 a mallet, wooden mace. -2 an iron weapon made like a carpenter's hammer. -3 an axe, a hatchet. -4 an epithet of Brahmā -घ्नी a hatchet. -नखः a thorn. -नस (णस) a. large-nosed. -न (ण) हः a scabbard; see द्रुणहः also. -पदम् Ved. a pillar (in general). -पदी 1 a splay-footed female. -2 a parasitical plant. -पाद a. large-footed. -सल्लकः a kind of tree (पियाल).

Dictionary: Apte
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