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Definition: दिव् I. 4 P. (दीव्यति, द्यूत or द्यून; desid. दुद्यूषति, दिदे- विषति) 1 To shine, be bright; दीव्यत्युच्चैर्लघुरघुपतिः किं नु वा स्यात् किमन्यत् Mv.6.53. -2 To throw, cast (as a missile); अदीव्यद्रौद्रमत्युग्रम् Bk.17.87;5.81. -2 To gamble, play with dice (with acc. or instr. of the 'dice'); अक्षैरक्षान् वा दीव्यति Sk.; Śi.8.32; Ve.1.13. -4 To play, sport. -5 To joke, trifle with, make sport of, rally (with acc.). -6 To stake, make a bet. -7 To sell, deal in (with gen.); अदेवीद्बन्धुभोगानाम् Bk.8.122; (but with acc. or gen. when the root is preceded by a preposition; शतं शतस्य वा परिदीव्यति Sk.) -8 To squander, make light of. -9 To praise. -1 To be glad, rejoice. -11 To be mad or drunk. -12 To be sleepy. -13 To wish for. -II. 1 P., 1 U. (देवति, देवयति-ते) 1 To cause to lament, pain, vex, torment. -2 To ask, beg. -III. 1 Ā. (देवयते) To suffer pain, lament, moan. -With परि to lament, moan, suffer pain; खरदूषणयोर्भ्रात्रोः पर्यदेविष्ट सा पुरः Bk.4.34.

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