dhauta धौत

Definition: धौत p. p. [धाव्-क्त ऊठ्] 1 Washed, washed off, cleaned, purified, laved; कुल्याम्भोभिः पवनचपलैः शाखिनो धौतमूलाः Ś.1.15; Śik.58; Ku.1.6;6,57; R.16.49; 19.1. -2 Polished, brightened; षष्ठ्या शरैः संयति तैलधौतै- र्जघान तानप्यथ पृष्ठगोपान् Mb.6.85.7. -3 Bright, white, shining, brightened, glistening; हरशिरश्चन्द्रिकाधौतहर्म्यां Me.7,46; विकसद्दन्ताशुधौताधरम् Gīt.12. -तम् 1 Silver. -2 Cleaning, washing. -Comp. -अपाङ्ग a. having the corners of the eyes illumined; Me.46. -आत्मन् a. pure-hearted. -कट a bag of coarse cloth. -कोषजम्, कौःषेयम् bleached or purified silk. -खण्डी sugarcandy. -मूल a. (a tree) having its roots washed; शाखिनो धौतमूलाः Ś.1.15. -शिलम् rock-crystal.

Dictionary: Apte
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