dharmakarman धर्मकर्मन्

Definition: n. virtuous ac tion, good work; -kârya, n. religious duty; -kritya, n. performance of duty, religious rite; -kosa, m. treasury of the law; -kriyâ, f. performance of meritorious acts; religious ceremonies; -kshetra, n. Field of Law (= Kurukshetra); -gupta, pp. N. (law-protected); -gopa, m. Name of a prince; -ghna, a. violat ing the law, illegal; -kakra, n. wheel of the law (as a symbol of far-reaching justice); -karana, m., -karyâ, f. fulfilment of duties; -kârin, a. fulfilling one's duty, virtuous: (n)î, f. wife who is a companion in duty; -ga, a. begotten for the sake of duty; -gîv ana, a. living by the performance of good works; -gña, a. knowing the law, -one's duty or what is right: -tâ, f. abst. n.; -gñâna, n. knowledge of the law, -of what is right.

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