dham धम्

Definition: or dhmā- cl.1 P. dh/amati- (A1. te- ; parasmE-pada dhmāntas- equals dhamantas- ; perf. dadhmau-,3. plural A1. mire- ; Aorist adhmāsīt- ; preceding dhmāyāt-or dhmeyāt- grammar; future dhamāṣyati- ; dhmāsyati-, dhmātā- grammar; ind.p. -dhm/āya- ) to blow (either intrans. as wind [applied also to the bubbling soma- ]or trans. as,to blow a conch-shell or any wind instrument) etc. ; to blow into (locative case) ; to breathe out, exhale ; to kindle a fire by blowing ; to melt or manufacture (metal) by blowing etc. ; to blow or cast away : Passive voice dhamyate-, Epic also ti-, dhmāy/ate-, ti- ( ) to be blown etc.: Causal dhmāpayati- (Aorist adidhmapat- grammar; Passive voice dhmāpyate- ) to cause to blow or melt ; to consume by fire, reduce to cinder : Desiderative didhnāsati- grammar : Intensive dedhmīyate- ; dādhmāyate-, parasmE-pada yamāna- being violently blown (conch-shell) [ confer, compare Slavonic or Slavonian dumo"smoke"]

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
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