dhṛṣ धृष्

Definition: cl.5 P. dhṛṣṇ/oti- etc. ; cl.1 P. dh/arṣati- (parasmE-pada dhṛṣ/at-, ṣ/amāṇa- ; ṣāṇ/a-. ; perf. dadh/arṣa- etc.;3. plural dādhṛṣur- ; subjunctive dadharṣat-, ṣati-, ṣīt- ; dadhṛṣate-, ṣanta- ; parasmE-pada dadhṛṣv/as- ; Aorist adhṛṣas- , adhaṣiṣur- ; future dharṣiṣyati-, ṣitā- grammar; ind.p. -dhṛṣya- ; infinitive mood -dh/ṛṣas-, ṣi- ), to be bold or courageous or confident or proud ; to dare or venture (infinitive mood in tum- ) ; to dare to attack, treat with indignity (accusative) ; to surpass (?) : Causal dharṣayati- (; Aorist adīdhṛṣat-,or adadharṣat- grammar) to venture on attacking ; to offend, violate (a woman), overpower, overcome : Desiderative didharṣiṣati-: Intensive darīdhṛṣyate- or darīdharṣṭi- grammar ([ confer, compare Zend dareS; Greek , ; literally dristu; Gothic ga-dars, Anglo-Saxon dors-te, Engl. durs-t.])

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., VS., R., RV., AV., RV., AV., RV., AV., RV., S3Br., TA1r., Br., RV., RV., AV., VS., Pa1n2. 3-4 , 65, Br., MBh., AV. iii , 3 , 2, Dha1tup. xxxiv , 43, Br., MBh., Ka1v.
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