devatādvandva देवताद्वन्द्व

Definition: a compound word called द्वन्द्व whose members are names of deities; the peculiarities of this Dvandva compound are (a) that generally there are changes at the end of the first member, by virtue of which it appears similar to a word ending in the dual number, and (b) that both the words retain their original accents.e.g. इन्द्रासोमौ, सौमापूषणा, अग्नीषोमाभ्यां, मित्रावरुणाभ्याम्; for changes, cf. P. VI.3.25-31; for accent, cf. देवताद्वन्द्वानि चानामन्त्रितानि (द्विरुदात्तानिं) । इन्द्राबृहस्पतिभ्याम्, इन्द्राबृहस्पती इति त्रीणि V. Pr. II.48, 49; cf. also देवताद्वन्द्वे च P. VI, 2.141.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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