devadatta देवदत्त

Definition: a. god-given; m. Arguna's conch; the vital air which causes yawning; Dieu-donné, very common N., hence used to denote indefinite persons, So and-so; -dantin, m. ep. of Siva (?); -darsana, a. seeing or associating with the gods; m. N.; n. manifestation of a god; -darsin, a. associating with the gods; -dâru, m. n. Name of a kind of pine (Pinus Deodora); -dâsa, m. N.; -dûtá, m. messenger of the gods; -deva,m. god of gods, supreme god, ep. of Brahma, Siva, Vishnu, Krishna, and Ganesa: î, f. Durgâ; -daivatya, a. having the gods as a divinity, sacred or addressed to the gods.

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