deśaḥ देशः

Definition: देशः [दिश्-अच्] 1 A place or spot in general; देशः को नु जलावसेकशिथिलः Mk.3.12 (often used after words like कपोल, स्कन्ध, अंस, नितम्ब &c., without any meaning; स्कन्धदेशे Ś.1.19 'on the shoulder'). -2 A region, country, province, land, territory; यं देशं श्रयते तमेव कुरुते बाहुप्रतापार्जितम् H.1.15. -3 A department, part, side, portion (as of a whole); as in एकदेश, एकदेशीय q. v. -4 An institute, an ordinance. -5 Range, compass; दृष्टिदेशः Pt.2. -Comp. -अटनम् roaming through a country, travelling. -अतिथिः a foreigner. -अन्तरम् 1 another country, foreign parts; Ms.5.78. -2 longitude. -अन्तरिन् m. a foreigner. -आचारः, -धर्मः a local law or custom, the usage or custom of any country; देश- धर्मान् जातिधर्मान् कुलधर्मांश्च शाश्वतान् Ms.1.118. -कष्टकः a public calamity. -कारी Name of a Rāgiṇī. -कालौ m. (du.) time and place; न देशकालौ हि यथार्थधर्माववेक्षते कामरतिर्मनुष्यः Rām.4.33.55. (-लम्) ind. according to time and place; सत्पात्रं महती श्रद्धा देशकालं यथोचितम् Pt.2.72. -कालज्ञ a. knowing the proper place and time. -च्युतिः banishment or flight from one's country. -ज, -जात a. 1 native, indigenous. -2 produced in the right country. -3 genuine, of genuine descent. -दृष्ट a. 1 seen in a country. -2 customary in a place; Ms.8.3. -भाषा the dialect of a country; आलोच्य लक्ष्यमधिगम्य च देशभाषाः Kāvyāl.4.35. -रूपम् propriety, fitness; Mb.12. -विद्ध a. properly perforated (pearl); Kau. A.2.11. -वृत्तम् a circle depending upon its relative position to the place of the observer. -व्यवहारः a local usage, custom of the country.

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