dagdha दग्ध

Definition: दग्ध p. p. [दह्-क्त] 1 Burnt, consumed by fire. -2 (Fig.) Consumed by grief, tormented, distressed; (मही) न शक्यते द्रष्टुमपि प्रवासिभिः प्रियावियोगानलदग्धमानसैः Ṛs.1.1. -3 Famished. -4 Inauspicious, as in दग्धयोग. -5 Dry, tasteless, insipid -6 Wretched, accursed, vile, (usedas a term of abuse before a word); नाद्यापि मे दग्धदेहः पतति U.4; अस्य दग्धोदरस्यार्थे कः कुर्यात् पातकं महत् H.1.68; so दग्धजठरस्यार्थे Bh.3.8. -7 Cunning (विदग्ध). -ग्धा 1 The quarter where the sun remains overhead. -2 A lunar day or तिथि on which it is considered inauspicious or unlucky to do any act. -ग्धम् 1 Burning; Mb. 12.33.6. -2 Cauterizing. -Comp. -काकः a raven. -जठरम् the hungry stomach; Bh.3. -व्रणः a burn, singe.

Dictionary: Apte
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