dīp दीप्

Definition: cl.4 A1. dīpyate- (dīpy/ate- , dipyati- perfect tense didīpe- ; future dīpiṣyate-, dīpitā-; Aorist adīpi-, adipiṣṭa- infinitive mood dipitum- ) to blaze, flare, shine, be luminous or illustrious etc. ; glow, burn (also with anger ): Causal dip/ayati-, te- Aorist adīdipat- or adidipat- () to kindle, set on fire, inflame ; illuminate, make illustrious etc. ; excite, rouse : Desiderative didīpiṣate-: Intensive dedīpyate-, to blaze fiercely, shine intensely, be very bright ; parasmE-pada dedīpyantī-

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: TBr., MBh., Ragh. v , 47, Pa1n2. 7-2 , 8 Sch., ; iii , 1 , 61, AV., Br., Mn., MBh., Ka1lid., Bhat2t2., Pa1n2. 7-4 , 3, Ta1n2d2yaBr. xvi , 1, A1s3vGr2. iv , 6, Kaus3. 60 , MBh., Hariv., ib., MBh., BhP., MBh. vii , 8138.
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