dā दा

Definition: दा I. 1 P. (यच्छति, दत्त] To give, grant. -With प्रति to exchange; तिलेभ्यः प्रतियच्छति माषान् Sk. -II. 2. P. (दाति) To cut; ददाति द्रविणं भूरि दाति दारिद्र्यमर्थिनाम् K. R. -III. 4 P. (दायति) To bind (?). -IV. 3 U. (ददाति, दत्ते; ददौ-ददे, अदात्-अदित, दास्यति-ते, दातुम्, दत्त; but with आ the p. p. is आत्त; with उप, उपात्त; with नि, निदत्त or नीत्त, and with प्र, प्रदत्त or प्रत्त) 1 To give, grant, bestow, offer, yield, impart, present (usually with acc. of the thing and dat., sometimes gen. or loc. also, of the person); अवकाशं किलोदन्वान् रामायाभ्यर्थितो ददौ R.4.58; सेचनघटैः बालपादपेभ्यः पयो दातुमित एवाभिवर्तते Ś.1; Ms.3.31;9.271; कथमस्य स्तनं दास्ये Hariv. -2 To pay (as debt, fine &c.). -3 To hand or deliver over. -4 To restore, return. -5 To give up, sacrifice, surrender; प्राणान् दा to sacrifice one's life; so आत्मानं दा to sacrifice oneself. -6 To put, place, apply, plant कर्णे करं ददाति &c. -7 To give in marriage; यस्मै दद्यात् पिता त्वेनाम् Ms.5. 151; Y.2.146;3.24. -8 To allow, permit (usually with inf.); बाष्पस्तु न ददात्येनां द्रष्टुं चित्रगतामपि Ś.6.22. (The meanings of this root may be variously modified or extended according to the noun with which it is connected; मनो दा to think, direct the mind to anything; नीतौ मनो दीयते Mu.2.5; अवकाशं दा to give place to, make room; (see अवकाश); कर्णं दा to give ear to or listen; दर्शनं दा to show oneself to, grant audience to; शब्दं दा to make a noise; तालं दा to clap the hands; आत्मानं खेदाय दा to expose oneself to trouble; आतपे दा to expose to the sun's heat; आज्ञाम्, निदेशं दा to issue orders, command; आशिषं दा to pronounce a blessing; चक्षुः, दृष्टिं दा to cast a glance, see; वाचं दा to address a speech to; प्रतिवचः, -वचनं or प्रत्युत्तरं दा to give reply; शोकं दा to cause grief; श्राद्धं दा to perform a Śrāddha; मार्गं दा to make way for, allow to pass, stand out of the way; वरं दा to grant a boon; संग्रामं दा to fight; अर्गलं दा to bolt, fasten or secure with a latch; निगडं दा to put in chains, fetter; संकेतं दा to make an appointment; शापं दा to curse; वृत्तिं दा to enclose, fence in; अग्निं, पावकं दा to set on fire, &c. &c. -Caus (दापयति-ते) To cause to give, grant, &c. -Desid. (दित्सति-ते) To wish to give, &c.

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