cud चुद्

Definition: चुद् I. 1 U. (चोदयति-ते, चोदित) 1 To send, direct, throw forward, urge or drive on, push on; चोदयाश्वान Ś.1. -2 To prompt, inspire, impel, animate, excite; R.4.24. -3 To hasten, accelerate. -4 To question, ask. -5 To press with a request. -6 To put forward, adduce, as an argument or objection. -7 To enjoin, lay down; Ms.2.165. -8 To request, solicit. -9 To help on. -1 To bring or offer quickly. -11 To fix,settle, direct. -12 To be quick. -II. 1 U. Ved. (चोदति- ते) 1 To impel, incite. -2 To offer quickly (Soma). -3 To hasten, be quick.

Dictionary: Apte
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