cit चित्

Definition: चित् f. [चित्-संपदा˚ भावे क्विप्] 1 Thought, preception. -2 Intelligence, intellect, understanding; Bh.2.1;3.1. -3 The heart, mind; मुक्ताफलैश्चिदुल्लासैः Bhāg.9.11.33. -4 The soul, spirit, the animating principle of life. -5 Brahman. -Comp. -आत्मन् m. 1 the thinking principle or faculty. -2 pure intelligence, the Supreme Spirit. -आत्मकम् consciousness. -आभासः the individual soul (जीव) (which still sticks to worldly defilements). -उल्लासः gladdening the heart or spirit. -घनः the Supreme Spirit or Brahman. -प्रवृत्तिः f. reflection, thinking. -रूप a. 1 consisting of intelligence. -2 wise, intelligent, of a liberal mind. -3 amiable, good-hearted. (-पम्) pure intelligence, the Supreme Being. -शक्तिः f. mental power, intellectual capacity. -स्वरूपम् the Supreme Spirit. -ind. 1 A particle added to किम् and its derivatives (such as कद्, कथम्, क्व, कदा, कुत्र, कुतः &c.) to impart to them an indefinite sense; कुत्रचित् somewhere; केचित् some &c. -2 The sound चित्.

Dictionary: Apte
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