cit चित्

Definition: चित् 1 P., 1 Ā. (चेतति, चेतयते, चेतित) 1 To perceive, see, notice, observe; नेषूनचेतन्नस्यन्तम् Bk.17.16; चिचेत सामस्तत्कृच्छ्रम् 14.62;15.38;2.29. -2 To know, understand, be aware or conscious of; परैरध्यारुह्य- माणमात्मनं न चेतयते Dk.154; कादम्बरीरसभरेण समस्त एव मत्तो न किंचिदपि चेतयते जनो$यम् K.24. -3 To regain consciousness. -4 To aim at, intend, design (with dat.). -5 To desire or long for. -6 To be anxious about, care for, be intent upon, be engaged in. -7 To resolve upon. -8 To appear, shine. -9 To be regarded as. -1 To make attentive, remind of. -11 To teach, instruct. -12 To form an idea, be conscious of, understand, comprehend think, reflect upon. -13 To be awake; जगत्येकः स चेतति L. D. B.

Dictionary: Apte
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