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Definition: चि I. 5 U. (चिनोति, चिनुते, चिका-चा-य, चिच्ये-क्ये, अचैषीत्- अचेष्ट, चेतुम्, -चित; caus. चाययति, चापयति, also चययति, चप- यति desid. चिचीषति, -चिकीषति) 1 To collect, gather, accumulate (said to govern two accusatives being a द्विकर्मक root, but this use is very rare in classical literature), वृक्षं पुष्पाणि चिन्वती. -2 To gather for oneself, acquire, gain; चिचीषतां चन्मवतामलध्वीं भूतिम् Ki.3.11; 2.19; Mv.3.4. -3 To search, look out for; Bh.3.46. -4 To pile or heap up, place in a line; पर्वतानिव ते भूमा- वचैषुर्वानरोत्तमान् Bk.15.76. -5 To set, inlay, cover or fill with, see चित. pass. To bear fruit, grow, increase,thrive, prosper; सिच्यते चीयते चैव लता पुष्पफलप्रदा Pt.1.222 bears fruit; चीयते बालिशस्यापि सत्क्षेत्रपतिता कृषिः Mu.1.3; गजहंस तव सैव शुभ्रता जीयते न च न चापचीयते K. P.1. -II. 3 P. (चिकेति) Ved. 1 To observe, see, perceive. -2 To look steadfastly upon. -3 To be intent upon. -4 To seek for, search, investigate, make inquiries, search through. -III. 1 Ā. (चयते) 1 To detest, hate. -2 To revenge, take vengeance on. -IV. 1 U. (चायति-ते) 1 To fear, dread, be afraid of (with acc.) -2 To respect, honour. -3 To observe; cf. चाय्.

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