chinna छिन्न

Definition: छिन्न p. p. [छिद्-क्त] 1 Cut, divided, rent, chopped, riven, torn, broken. -2 Destroyed, removed; see छिद् -3 Decaying, declining. -4 Exhausted, tired, fatigued. -न्ना A whore, harlot. -Comp. -केश a. shorn, shaven. -द्रुमः a riven tree. -द्वैध a. whose doubt is dispelled. -नासिक a. noseless. -भिन्न a. cut up through and through, mutilated, mangled, cut up. -मस्त, -मस्तक a. decapitated. (-स्ता, -का) a headless form of Durgā. -मूल a. cut up by the roots; R.7.43. -श्वासः a kind of asthma. -संशय a. 'one whose doubt is dispelled', free from doubt, confirmed.

Dictionary: Apte
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