cha छ

Definition: tad. affix ईय, added (1) to the words स्वसृ, भ्रातृ and to words ending with the tad. affix फिञ्: cf. P. IV. 1.143,144 and 149; (2) to the dvandva compound of words meaning constellations,to the words अपोनप्तृ, अपांनप्तृ, महेन्द्र, द्यावापृथिवी, शुनासीर etc. as also to शर्करा, उत्कर, नड etc. in certain specified senses, cf. P. IV. 2.6, 28, 29, 32, 48, 84, 90 &91;(3) to words beginning with the vowel called Vrddhi (आ,ऐ or औ),to words ending with गर्त, to words of the गह class, and to युष्मद् and अस्मद् in the शैषिक senses, cf. P. IV. 3.114, 137-45 and IV. 3.1; (4) to the words जिह्वामूल, अङ्गुलि, as also to words ending in वर्ग in the sense of 'present there '; cf. P.IV.3.62-64; (5) to the words शिशुक्रन्द, यमसम, dvandva compounds, इन्द्रजनन and others in the sense of 'a book composed in respect of', cf. P.IV. 3.88; (6)to words meaning warrior tribes, to words रैवतिक etc, as also अायुध, and अग्र, in some specified senses: cf P.IV. 3.91, 131, IV. 4.14, 117; (7) to all words barring those given as exceptions in the general senses mentioned in the sec. V.I.1-37; (8) to the words पुत्र, कडङ्कर, दक्षिण, words ending in वत्सर, अनुप्रवचन etc. होत्रा, अभ्यमित्र and कुशाग्र in specified senses; cf. P. V. 1. 40, 69,70,91,92, 111,112,135, V. 2.17, V.3.105; (9) to compound words in the sense of इव; e. g. काकतालीयम्, अजाकृपाणीयम् etc. cf. V. 3. 106;and (10) to words ending in जति and स्थान in specified senses; cf. P. V.4, 9,10.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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