carita चरित

Definition: चरित p. p. [चर् कर्मणि क्त] 1 Wandered or roamed over, gone. -2 Performed, practised. -3 Attained. -4 Known. -5 Offered; Ś.4.21. -6 Acted, behaved; Ś.5.16. -तम् 1 Going, moving, course. -2 Acting, doing, practice, behaviour, acts, deeds; उदारचरितानाम् H.1.7; सर्वं खलस्य चरितं मशकः करोति 1.81. -3 Life, biography, adventures, history उत्तरं रामचरितं तत्प्रणीतं प्रयुज्यते U.1.2; दिवौकसस्त्वच्चरितं लिखन्ति Ś.7.5; so दशकुमारचरितम् &c. -4 Nature. -5 Fixed law, due or proper observance. -Comp. -अर्थ a. 1 that has accomplished its end or desired object, successful; राम- रावणयोर्युद्धं चरितार्थमिवाभवत् R.12.87; चरितार्थैव भारती 1. 36; Ki.13.62. राज्ञां तु चरितार्थता दुःखोत्तरा एव Ś.5; चरि- तार्थत्वात् प्रधानविनिवृत्तेः Sāṅ. K.68. -2 satisfied, contented. -3 effected, accomplished. -4 significant, true to its sense; Ku.2.17. -5 appropriate, fit; Ku.4.45. ˚ता the attainment of the desired object; Ś.5.

Dictionary: Apte
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