carama चरम

Definition: चरम a. [चर्-अमच् Uṇ.5.69] 1 Last, ultimate, final; चरमा क्रिया 'the final or funeral ceremony.' -2 Posterior, back; पृष्ठं तु चरभं तनोः Ak. -3 Old (as age). -4 Outermost. -5 Western, west. -6 Lowest, least. -7 Western; बृसीं चरमशैर्षिकीम् Rām.13.1.3. -मम् ind. At last; at the end. -Comp. -अचलः, -अद्रिः, -क्ष्माभृत् m. the western mountain behind which the sun and moon are supposed to set. -अवस्था the last state (old age). -कालः the hour of death. -वयस् a. old, aged; Māl.6.2.

Dictionary: Apte
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