cara चर

Definition: चर a. (-री f.) [चर्-अच्] 1 Moving, going, walking, grazing &c.; धर्मारण्यचरेषु प्राणिषु Ś.5.9. -2 Following, practising (at the end of comp.). -3 Trembling, shaking. -4 Movable; see चराचर below; Ms.3.21; Bg. 13.15. -5 Animate; Ms.5.29;7.15. -6 (Used as an affix) formerly, late; आढ्यचर 'one who was formerly rich' so देवदत्तचर, अध्यापकचर late teacher &c. -रः 1 A spy. -2 A wagtail. -3 A game played with dice and men. -4 A cowrie. -5 The planet Mars. -6 (Hence) Tuesday. -7 The seventh Karaṇa in astrology. -8 The Karaṇas taken collectively. -9 The difference of time between two meridians. -1 The first, fourth, seventh, and tenth signs of the zodiac. -11 The wind; क्वाहं तमो- महदहंखचराग्निवार्भूसंवेष्टिताण्डघटसप्तवितस्तिकायः Bhāg.1.14.11. -Comp. -अचर a. 1 movable and immovable; चरा- चराणां भूतानां कुक्षिराधारतां गतः Ku.6.67;2.5; Bg.11.43. -2 wished, desired. -3 shaking, trembling. -रम् 1 the aggregate of all created things, the world; Ms.1.57, 63;3.75; Bg.11.7;9.1. -2 the sky, the atmosphere. -3 heaven. (-री) a young woman. -गृहम् the zodiacs of मेष, कर्क, तुला and मकर. -द्रव्यम् movables, goods and chattels. -पुष्टः a mediator. -भम्, -भवनम् a varying sign of the zodiac; i. e. the first, fourth, seventh and tenth. -मूर्तिः f. an idol which is carried about in procession.

Dictionary: Apte
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