candravaṃśa चन्द्रवंश

Definition: m. the lunar race of kings (2nd great line of royal dynasties, the progenitor of which was soma- the Moon, child of the ṛṣi- atri- and father of budha- [Mercury see candra-ja-];the latter married iḷā-, daughter of the solar king ikṣvāku-, and had by her a son, aila- or purūravas-;this last had a son by urvaśī-, named āyus-, from whom came nahuṣa-, father of yayāti-;the latter had two sons, puru- and yadu-, from whom proceeded the two branches of the lunar line;in that of yadu- was born kṛṣṇa- and bala-rāma-;in that of puru- came duṣyanta-, hero of the śakuntalā- and father of the great bharata-; 9th from bharata- came kuru-, and 14th from him śāntanu-, who had a son vicitra-vīrya- and a step-son vyāsa-;the latter married the two widows of his half-brother, and had by them dhṛtarāṣṭra- and pāṇḍu-, the wars of whose sons form the subject of the ) (see sūrya-v-.)

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