caṇḍāla चण्डाल

Definition: चण्डाल a. [चण्ड्-आलच्] Wicked or cruel in deeds, of black deeds (क्रूरकर्मन्) cf. कर्मचाण्डाल. -लः A general name for the lowest and most despised of the mixed castes originating from a Śūdra father and a Brāhmaṇa mother. -2 A man of this caste, an outcast; चण्डालः किमयं द्विजातिरथवा Bh.3.56; Ms.5.131;1.12,16;11. 176. -Comp. -वल्लकी the lute of Chāṇḍāla, a common or vulgar lute.

Dictionary: Apte
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