cāru चारु

Definition: a. agreeable, welcome, pleasing; dear; fair, lovely: n. ad.: -gîti, f. a metre; -tâ, f. popularity; beauty; -datta, m. Name of a Brâhman; -danta, m. Name of a merchant's son; -darsanâ, f. fair woman; -netra, a. fair-eyed; -mati, m. Name of a parrot; -rûpa, a. of fair form; -lokana, a. fair-eyed; -venî, f. fair braid, Name of a river; -sabda-bha&ndot;ga-vat, a. rich in lovely faltering and in charming ex pressions (speech); -hâsin, a. laughing sweet ly: -î, f. a metre.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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