binduḥ बिन्दुः

Definition: बिन्दुः [बिन्द्-उ] A drop, small particle; जलबिन्दु- निपातेन क्रमशः पूर्यते घटः 'small drops make a pool'; विस्तीर्यते यशो लोके तैलबिन्दुरिवाम्भसि Ms.7.33; संक्षिप्यते यशो लोके घृतबिन्दुरिवाम्भसि 7.34; अधुना (कुतूहलस्य) बिन्दुरपि नाव- शेषितः Ś.2. -2 A dot, point. -3 A spot or mark of coloured paint on the body of an elephant; न्यस्ताक्षरा धातुरसेन यत्र भूर्जत्वचः कुञ्जरबिन्दुशोणाः Ku.1.7. -4 A zero or cypher; न रोमकूपौघमिषाज्जगत्कृता कृताश्च किं दूषणशून्यबिन्दवः N.1.21. -5 (In geom.) A point having no parts or no magnitude. -6 A drop of water taken as a measure. -7 The dot over a letter representing the अनुस्वार. -8 (In manuscripts) A mark over an erased word (which shows that the word ought not to be erased); 'stet'. -9 A mark made by the teeth of a lover on the lips of his mistress. -1 A peculiar mark like a dot made in cauterizing. -11 The part of the forehead between the eyebrows. -12 (In dramas) the sudden development of a secondary incident (which, like a drop of oil in water quickly diffuses itself and thus supplies important elements in the development of the plot; it is the source of an intermediate object, while 'Bīja' is that of the principal one); अवान्तरार्थविच्छेदे बिन्दुरुच्छेदकारणम् S. D.319. -13 (In phil.) A condition of चिच्छक्ति; सच्चिदानन्दविभवात् सकलात् परमेश्वरा । आसीच्छक्तिस्ततो नादो नादाद् बिन्दुसमुद्भवः ॥ -Comp. -चित्रकः the spotted antelope. -च्युतकः a kind of word-play; चकास्ति बिन्दु- च्युतकातिचातुरी N.9.14. -जालम्, -जालकम् 1 a number of drops. -2 marks of coloured paint on the trunk and face of an elephant. -तन्त्रः 1 a die. -2 a chessboard. -देवः an epithet of Śiva. -पत्रः a kind of birch tree. -प्रतिष्ठामय a. founded or based upon the अनुस्वार. -फलम् a pearl. -भेदः a particular Yoga posture. -माधवः a form of Viṣṇu. -मालिन् m. (in music) a kind of measure. -रेखकः 1 an anusvāra. -2 a kind of bird. -रेखा a line of dots. -वासरः the day of conception.

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