bilam बिलम्

Definition: बिलम् 1 A hole, cavity, burrow; खनन्नाखुबिलं सिंहः... प्राप्नोति नखभङ्गं हि Pt.3.17; R.12.5; Ms.1.49. -2 A gap, pit, chasm. -3 An aperture, opening, outlet. -4 A cave, hollow. -5 The hollow of a dish. -6 The vagina. -लः 1 Name of उच्चैःश्रवस्, the horse of Indra. -2 A sort of cane. -Comp. -अयनम् a subterranean cave or cavern. -ओकस् m. any animal that lives in holes. -कारिन् m. a mouse. -योनि a. of the breed of उच्चैः- श्रवस्; यत्राश्वा बिलयोनयः Ku.6.39. -वासः a pole-cat. -वासिन् (also बिलेवासिन्) m. a snake. -शायिन् m. any animal living in burrows. -स्वर्गः the lower region, hell; Bhāg.5.24.8.

Dictionary: Apte
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