bhukta भुक्त

Definition: भुक्त p. p. [भुज्-कर्मणि क्त] 1 Eaten. -2 Enjoyed, used; भोगा न भुक्ता वयमेव भुक्ताः Bh.3.12; न तद् भुक्तं न तत् पीतं न तत् सुप्तं न तद्गतम् Udb. -3 Suffered, experienced. -4 Possessed, occupied (in law). -5 Passed (as time). -क्तम् 1 The act of eating or enjoying. -2 That which is eaten, food. -3 The place where any one has eaten. -Comp. -उच्छिष्टम्, -शेषः, -समुज्झितम् remnants of the food eaten, leavings of food, orts. -पीत a. one who has eaten and drunk. -भोग a. 1 one who has enjoyed or suffered (anything). -2 that which has been used, enjoyed, or employed. -मात्रे ind. immediately on having eaten; Ms.4.121. -वृद्धिः f. the swelling of food (in the stomach). -सुप्त a. sleeping after a meal.

Dictionary: Apte
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