bhramara भ्रमर

Definition: भ्रमर [भ्रम्-करन्] 1 A bee, large black bee; मलिने$पि रागपूर्णां विकसितवदनामनल्पजल्पे$पि । त्वयि चपले$पि च सरसां भ्रमर कथं वा सरोजिनीं त्यजसि ॥ Bv.1.1. (where the next meaning is also suggested). -2 A lover, gallant, libertine. -3 A potter's wheel. -4 A young man. -5 A top; अभ्रामयदहो दारुभ्रमरं स कदाचन Śiva B.7.32. -6 A particular position of the hand. -री A bee; अमरी- कबरीभारभ्रमरीमुखरीकृतम् Kuval. -2 Lac. -रम् Giddiness, vertigo. -Comp. -अतिथिः the Champaka tree. -अभि- लीन a. with bees clung or attached to; तिरश्चकार भ्रमरा- भिलीनयोः सुजातयोः पङ्कजकोशयोः श्रियम् R.3.8. -अलकः a curl on the forehead. -आनन्दः 1 the Bakula tree. -2 the Atimukta creeper. -इष्टः the tree called श्योनाक. -उत्सवा the Mādhavī creeper. -करण्डकः a small box containing bees (carried by thieves to extinguish light in a house by letting the bees escape); Dk.2.2. -कीटः a species of wasp. -निकरः a multitude of bees. -पदम् a kind of metre. -प्रियः a kind of Kadamba tree. -बाधा molestation by a bee; Ś.1. -मण्डलम् a swarm of bees. -विलसितम् 1 the sporting of bees. -2 Name of a metre.

Dictionary: Apte
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