bhraṃś भ्रंश्

Definition: or bhraś- (sometimes written bhraṃs-; see bhṛś-) cl.1 A1. () bhraṃśate- (once in P. ti-) cl.4 P. (;cf. bhṛś-) bhraśyati- (Epic also A1. te- perfect tense babhraṃśa- śe- grammar; Aorist subjunctive bhraśat- ; abhraṃśiṣṭa- grammar; future bhraṃśiṣyati-, te-; bhraṃśitā- ; ind.p. bhraṃśitvā-and bhraṣṭvā- ), to fall, drop, fall down or out or in pieces etc. ; to strike against (locative case) ; to rebound from (ablative) ; to fall (figuratively), decline, decay, fail, disappear, vanish, be ruined or lost etc. ; to be separated from or deprived of, lose (ablative) etc. ; to slip or escape from (genitive case) ; to swerve or deviate from, abandon (ablative) : Causal bhraṃśayati- (or bhrāśayati-; see bhr/āśya-and ni-bhraṃś-; Aorist ababhraṃśat-; Passive voice bhraṃśyate-), to cause to fall (literally and figuratively), throw down, overthrow etc. ; to cause to disappear or be lost destroy ; to cause to escape from (ablative) ; to cause to deviate from (ablative) ; to deprive any one (accusative) of (ablative; exempli gratia, 'for example' upavāsāt-or vratāt-,"of the reward for fasting or performing any observance") etc.: Desiderative bibhraṃśiṣati-, te- grammar : Intensive bābhraśyate-, bhraṣṭi- ; banībhraśyate- or bhraṃśyate-

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xviii , 17, AV., xxvi , 116, RV., ib., ib., AitBr., MBh., ib., MBh., Ka1v., TS., Mn., MBh., Ka1d., Ragh., Ka1tyS3r., MBh., MBh., R., Ratna7v., BhP., MBh., R., ib.
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