bhavat भवत्

Definition: भवत् a. (-न्ती f.) 1 Being, becoming, happening. -2 Present; समतीतं च भवच्च भावि च R.8.78. -pron. a. (-ती f.) A respectful or honorific pronoun, translated by 'your honour', 'your lordship, worship or highness'; (oft. used in the sense of the second personal pronoun, but with the third person of the verb); अथवा कथं भवान् मन्यते M.1; भवन्त एव जानन्ति रघूणां च कुलस्थितिम् U.5.23; R.2.4;3.48;5.16. It is often joined to अत्र or तत्र (see the words), and sometimes to स also; यन्मां विधेय- विषये सभवान्नियुङ्क्ते Māl.1.9. -Comp. -भूतभव्ये ind. in present, past and future. -वसु a. wealthy, opulent.

Dictionary: Apte
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